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Office Fitout – Renew Newcastle Month to Month Tenancy

When we setup our first little office space we were so pleased to be part of the Renew Newcastle initiative; a positive agent in reactivating Newcastles City Centre. We, along with a group of other small businesses leased a space off the Hunter Street Mall. Our small problem was that the inter-tenancy walls were made of nothing substantial whilst the lighting and finishes had the ability to create depression. The leasing arrangement meant we could be given a month’s notice at any time so we opted for a suite of customised but flexible elements. A ceiling that we could suspend below the existing tile grid; A desk, storage seat and window frame from australian hardwood offcuts; A pin wall of cork tiles etc. Quickly these items made the space functional and the timber elements added warmth to the blank space allowing it to become a work home. The design allowed the space to adapt modes from single person to two person workspace and even to a meeting room by shifting the desk/table to achieve a suprizing amount of flexibility in a small space.

Project and Install Team: Mark Spence and Dana Hutchinson

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