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Residential, New House
2012 – 2017

This new home was informed by our client’s experience living on the site. The design responded to a desire for a home that would allow a young family to have a seamless relationship with the native landscape of the site. Coastal winds, high saline conditions, bush fire regulations and traffic noise were all notable factors in shaping the nurturing diagram whereby the building form cradles a central garden room on the bushland side of the dwelling. The garden room became not only the pivot point for the communal spaces of the house but also an all weather outdoor living room whose activity creates the heart of the home.

Project Team:  Mark Spence, Dana Hutchinson
Builder: Evan Graham Master Builder – Evan Graham, Marcel Reinhardt
Landscape Architect: Plant Collective with Bosque Studio 
Structural, Civil, Stormwater Engineer: Izzat Consulting Engineers
Bricklayer: Brickslayer 
Arborist: Joe Pidutti
Acoustics: RCA Acoustics 
Bushfire Consultant: Newcastle Bushfire Consulting
Waste Management: Envirocycle
Hydraulic Engineer: McCullum Consultants
Flora and Fauna Consultant: Firebird ecoconsultants
Surveyor: C R Hutchinson & Co.
Geotechnical: Douglas Partners
Quantity Surveyors: Fardel
Certifier: NewCert
Energy Assessment: John de Bruyn

Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones

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