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What We Do

The Types of work we do
We are happy to work on projects of all scales. Typical project types for homeowners include:
New Houses
House Alterations and Additions
Multiple dwelling developments
Whole of site design (not just the house)
Material Change of Use (application to change Local Government classification)

If you are unsure we would be the right fit for your project, just give us a call and we can talk you though the options.

Our Approach (to your project)
We are interested in a collaborative and inclusive approach to design. Any building project is a commitment. They aren’t fast and involve consistent communication. This doesn’t have to be a chore, instead we aim to create an engaging experience which culminates in the excitement of seeing your home take physical from. We start your project observing and listening to you. A few prompts to get the ball rolling helps us to understand how to create spaces that will enhance the way you live on your site.

How We Can Work Together
We provide a range of service options defining the extent of works you can engage us for. Every project and everyone’s needs are different so in many small ways we adjust to suite you. For example, if you are in the Newcastle area we might have regular meeting though-out the development of your design, if you are further afield then we can use online platforms like Go To Meeting, Skype, FaceTime or via written communication. We have provided some information on scope of services and common terminology used by Architects in the downloads section below to illustrate this further.

Working with an Architect
There is an good little description about what an Architect does on the Australian Institute of Architects Website accessible via this link. We work to solve problems and create beautiful, functional and human places that should make for a pleasure in everyday living.

Downloads– all the background information

Common terminology explaining the design and construction process in NSW

We are aware that Architects can speak their own lingo without realising terms used may not be familiar to everyone. We want to be transparent in working with you and to provide as much clarity as possible in our process and the language used to describe it. We hope the explanation of certain terms provided for download here is helpful.

Services Options offered by Anthrosite
There is no one right way to do things, everyones’ needs are different. We have four standard levels of service for you to chose from, you can take a look at the Services Options download here and consider what you think will be right for you.

Consultants – Building Professionals regularly involved home design.
It can come as a surprise just how many people contribute to the process of getting a building designed and built. We think it is important you know there are some aspects of the building design and documentation an Architect cannot do for you. The information available to download here is to help you understand what some of the consultants you might need actually do and why/when they are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Houses?

Absolutely, we love residential projects.

Is my Alterations or Additions project too small?
There is no project too small if you have the desire to have a space Architecturally designed and the budget to build that scale of space then let’s make it the most amazing pocket of space you own.

What is the difference between Architects and a drafting service?

We are happy to acknowledge that in approaching a project not everyone wants or needs an Architect. If you have a very strong set of ideas, and an exact understanding of what you want and how it should be then you might find an Architect’s process of enquiry at odds with your predetermined ideas. If this sound like you, you will be better served engaging a drafting service. This will cost you less and deliver exactly what you want.
 Alternatively, If you are happy to engage with an Architect aprocess of enquiry will begin together. We investigate your brief, your site and all regulatory conditions to generate a proposal that is informed and designed to suite the way you want to live on your site.

If you have any particular questions about working with us just call or email, we are happy to provide what answers we can.

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